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Do I need to print the invitation to enter the event or is it bound to my account?

At the entrance, you can show either a printed invitation or its electronic version on a mobile device. However, we recommend that you print the invitation.

If I want to purchase several bundles with invitations, do I need to buy each of them from a new account or can I use the same account for all purchases?

You can use the same account or make purchases from different accounts. There are no restrictions. However, if you want to get in-game goods for several accounts, it is more beneficial to make the purchases from different accounts. Please note: in-game goods are credited to one account once; subsequent bundle purchases are not compensated.

What do I do if I lost access to my mailbox and cannot get the invitation?

You need to restore access to your mailbox. A dedicated article on the Player Support portal will be helpful.

Can I purchase an invitation without the bonuses that come with the bundle?

No, you cannot.

Can I purchase WG Fest bundles anywhere other than the Premium Shop?

No. You can only get an invitation with the purchase of a WG Fest bundle from the Premium Shop.

If I purchase the Family bundle, but the child is ill on the day of the event or unable to come for some other reason, will I be able to get a gift for my child?

Yes, you will get a child’s gift. But at the entrance you will need to notify our employees that the child could not come.

I bought the Family bundle for two young people (both are under the age of 12). Will they get a single child gift?

The Family bundle is intended for two adults and a single child aged 3-11. It includes a single child gift. If you have two children under 12 and you want them both to get gifts, buy two Child bundles for them.

Will I get a child gift right at the entrance or will there be a special hand-out stand?

Child gifts will be distributed at a special stand.

Can I purchase the Family bundle if one adult and two children under 12 visit the event?

Yes, you can, but in this case only one of the two children will get the child gift, because the Family bundle only contains a single child gift. If you want each of the children to get a gift, purchase one Standard and two Child bundles.

My son asked me to take him to the festival, he is 11 years old. Do we need two adult invitations?

If on the day of the event the child is under 12 years old, they will be able to enter the festival on a child invitation.

Can a child come to the event alone on a child invitation or must they be accompanied by a parent?

A child under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult (aged 18 and above).

If I have two children and one of them is under 3 years old, can I come to the festival with my wife and two children after buying the Family bundle?

Yes, if your second child is under 12.

What subway stations are nearest to the venue?

The subway stations nearest to the Expocentre Fairgrounds are Vistavochnaya and Delovoy Centr.

Is the parking near the Expocentre Fairgrounds free of charge?

There are two paid parking lots near the Expocentre Fairgrounds: in the Afimall City trade center and near the Krasnaya Presnya recreation and leisure park (entrance from the Krasnopresnenskaya nab.).

Will passport control be arranged?

Yes, passport control will be in place.

How do visitors with/in carriages enter the event most conveniently?

Irrespective of the invitation category of a visitor with a carriage, they should use the north entrance.

I will be going to WG Fest for the first time, is travel to Moscow for the residents of other cities paid for or is the invitation only valid for entrance to the event?

The invitation is only for entrance to the event. Travel and accommodation expenses are borne by the festival guests.

Will I be able to buy merchandise at the festival?

Yes, WG Shop with souvenir merchandise will be open during the festival. There you will find goods for any taste and wallet. Besides this, during the event, special offers and discounts will be in effect.

Can I see the list of items that cannot be brought to the event?

The link to the rules of conduct is below. You can also find them on your invitation.

What is the festival’s website?

Official website of the festival—https://wgfest.ru. Congratulations! You are already here!

Who will the headliners be and what bands will be performing?

Information on the headliners will become available at a later date. Stay tuned for updates.

Will the event have activities for my wife/girlfriend who does not play any Wargaming games? According to the news, it is a family event.

Yes, you will find activities and entertainment for the whole family. A beauty shop will be available for women, and a large kids zone will be beside it. Alongside gaming zones for various Wargaming projects, photo zones and lots of other kinds of entertainment will be waiting for you. Watch the news—we will publish a map and a schedule of the event separately.

What gaming zones will be available?

World of Tanks, World of Warships, World of Warplanes, World of Tanks Blitz, World of Tanks: Mercenaries, World of Warships Blitz, and Gods & Glory. In total, more than 450 gaming stations will be available at the event.

Will the best players of the hour/day be awarded?

The list of games and the format for determining the best players are still being elaborated.

Will any tournament activities be available at the event?

Yes. WG Fest 2018 will feature the super finals of the Road to WG Fest with Rostelecom tournament, as well as the Clan Super Cup—a unique battle between the best players from the CIS and Europe.

Will I be able to communicate with bloggers and streamers? Will famous contributors be invited to the festival?

Yes. This year, many known video bloggers will be attending the event. Guests of the festival will be able to ask them questions, converse with them, and take photos.

Will consoles be represented by PlayStation or Xbox?

The event will feature both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

What advantages does a VIP invitation provide?

Owners of VIP invitations will have access to a separate lounge zone with seats, its own WG Shop, its own gaming zone, VIP seats on the stands overlooking the stage, its own coat room, and a separate food court.

How many invitations will I get for purchasing a VIP bundle?

One invitation.

Is the number of VIP invitations limited?

The quantity of all invitations is limited, including VIP invitations.

Will a separate gaming zone be arranged for those who bought the VIP bundle?

Yes, a separate gaming zone is reserved for players with VIP invitations.

What extra gifts will I get on the day of the event if I purchase the VIP bundle?

A guest with a VIP invitation will get in-game gifts upon visiting the event. See the spoiler below for details on the bundle descriptions.

If my wife and I buy two VIP invitations, do we need to buy VIP invitations for our children aged 10 and 6 as well? Or can we buy two Child invitations, using which they will be able to enter the VIP zone with us?

Children under 11 can enter the VIP zone with their parents if they have child invitations.

Will VIP invitations grant free parking at the Expocentre Fairgrounds parking lot?

No, unfortunately, free parking is not included.

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