WG Fest 2018 — это мы

WG Fest 2018 — главный фестиваль игр от Wargaming.

  • Здесь тебя и твою семью ждут призы и подарки, множество активностей и развлечений, вкусная еда.
  • Ты узнаешь из первых уст новости об играх Wargaming и попробуешь все нововведения.
  • Сможешь лично пообщаться с разработчиками и задать вопросы, которые тебя волнуют.
  • Найдёшь множество брендированной продукции на любой вкус и бюджет.
  • И весь день для тебя будет звучать отличная музыка разных направлений. Приходи с семьёй и друзьями на WG Fest и дай жару!

Следи за новостями, совсем скоро пакеты с пригласительными поступят в продажу!

WG Fest: самые яркие моменты


Each map now has its own unique sound allowing for instant realization and understanding of the locale and mood of the battlefield.

  • Map Identity - All maps now have their own identity through the scores they play throughout the battle
  • Authentic Music - Indigenous instruments were used and musicians across the globe recorded
  • Locale Fidelity - Each composition has been scored that all compositions are true to their locale


Terrain textures, a water rendering system, skyboxes, a lighting system, shadows-we went over every single map element, redesigning them to add greater depth, beauty and realism to battlefields.

  • Realistic Terrain -The new graphics engine let us blend 16 textures so that terrain looks truly volumetric, detailed down to the smallest blades of grass
  • Advanced Lighting - Improved dynamic shadows and global illumination technology that accurately follows the natural lighting laws of physics, adding harmony to the picture
  • Destructible Objects - The reworked maps get long-awaited Havok® Destruction technology. So now you can gloriously crash environments, rolling over them as you rumble into battle!


The garage has received a major renovation. The old Garage has been knocked down and now your tanks will be shown deep in the forest.

  • Wilderness - Set in the midst of base camp, your tank looks glorious with Mother Nature as a backdrop
  • People - Find people going about their day and performing routine tasks around the camp. Just don't bother them!